Fling Site Reviews Have Made Local Guys Scared and Lazy

We have all seen the empty promises of dating websites that ‘guarantee’ that guys can get laid quickly and easily by using their website. Of course, any guy reading something like that is going to want to believe that it is real, and after reading those kinds of promises over and over again, there’s a good chance that someone would internalize that, and begin to think that it is a reality. I am not trying to say dating sites such as some of these legit dating sites to have flings haven’t made it easier to meet new people and find dates, but what I am saying is that their promises of quck and easy sex is having a negative effect on men and their capacity to date women. Men are becoming too lazy and too scared of going out into the real world to meet local women, and instead are relying on dating online as their only method for picking up girls. Even if it is easier to meet local women by dating online, whenever that online chatting actually leads to a real date, guys just don’t have the dating skills to make things happen as they are blinded by their expectation that it will all be fast and easy.

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Don’t Become a Couch Dater

The Lies of Dating Websites

There are literally thousands of websites for dating online, and nearly all of them will make promises that can lead guys to believe that using dating websites is the easiest way to get laid. That was the case with cheekylovers – but that website totally sucks. Most of these dating websites will say things that can leave the impression that by using their website, it would only be a matter of minutes before women are rushing his front door. Some websites even have money-back guarantees that promise cash back if a guy does not get laid within a certain time frame. I am not exactly sure how they monitor something like that, but it gives the impression that no matter what, their dating website can promise quick and easy sex. When guys buy into this type of talk, they start to build the idea that all dating is just as easy and quick. However, dating is quite the opposite. It takes a lot work to build a relationship with someone, and it can take a lot of invested time to create one that has meaning. Even just through the initial stages of meeting someone, flirting and texting takes effort to be effective. Guys with expectations that women are just waiting to jump on them are setting themselves up for disappointment.

Lazy Guys Won’t Be Picking Up Girls

Guys with the expectation that dating is easy and that sex will come quick are exactly the types of guys who probably meet the least amount of women, let alone take it all the way home with one of them. The idea that a website can promise you sex is either a lie or a digital brothel. Men need to realize that meeting a woman and seducing her into a sexual relationship with them is all about how they act and treat that women, not about the website that promises it. If a guy is unwilling to put in any work or put themselves in a position of vulnerability, then they are not likely to get very far with any woman, even if they use a dating website that promises it all. Without putting in effort and trying to demonstrate to a woman that you are with her time, she will probably not give you much attention. This may sound tough, particularly if you have been brainwashed by promises of easy sex at your fingertips, but getting out there and doing a bit of leg work can take you really far with any girl that you want.

This Doesn’t Mean Giving Up On Dating Online

Although dating online is responsible for the creation of this ideology that sex comes quick and easy, this does not mean that you need to give up on it entirely. It is just important to realize when someone is using a marketing ploy on you, and to avoid internalizing it as part of the way that you think about dating. Using things like fling site reviews or doing some research into the dating sites that you can use to help you be more conscious when dating online. You can’t always believe everything that you read, but if you take the time to think about everything, then you can come to some critical conclusions that will help you be better at online dating.