What to Do For Damage Control When You Think She Already Suspects or Knows You’re Cheating On Her in Kitchener, Canada

You cheated affairs
She knows you cheated

She found out you were cheating!

How to cover up your affair

Oh crap! You’ve slipped up and left evidence laying around that exposes your cheating. Now you’re wondering what to do for damage control. “How can I cover this up and hide the fact that I’m cheating on her before it becomes a full-blown knock down drag out fight in my relationship?”. These are panicky times all too familiar to the regular tomcat who thinks he’s so smooth at maintaining his “guaranteed” relationship while getting away with outside infidelities, affairs, and cheating on her of all kinds. Even a self-proclaimed “master” needs someone to have his back once in awhile.

First, make sure any friends of yours with any connections to to your significant other’s circle of friends are familiar with your story or allaby so they don’t inadvertently arouse suspicion in their significant other who will then share that suspicion with yours.

Then, delete the records on your phone(s) call log(s), delete your texting or WhatsApp history, and for the love of all that is sacred in hiding and cheating, get rid of all the pictures to and from! If you have to have them create some secret file, get them on a hidden thumb drive or best of all just let them go.

Next, delete your browser history on all electronic devices, wiping out website visits, Facebook checks/posts, email activity, and any other social media history you may have. Then go in individually to each electronic portal and delete, block, or revise posts, emails, messages as you’re able. Your electronic signature/activity is everywhere these days. There is a constant logging and recording of your social and work interactions, so getting rid of, covering up, or altering all of this can be an extremely daunting task. But hey, you’re the one who got yourself into this mess. You should have thought of all of this BEFORE you had an affair. But the deed is done, you want to hide and cover-up your cheating, and you want to save your relationship, so here we are

Next, if you have a brain in your head or an ounce of self-preservation, leave things from the outside relationship right there…outside. Don’t fall victim to this scenario: “Hey babe, I’ve got a new move for you in bed, you wanna try it?”. My god man! Are you trying to get caught? How do you think that will play out? She is going to ask questions. “Why do you want that all the sudden?”, or “Where did you learn that?”. She’ll suspect a girl on the side, porn, or being compared to your buddies’ girlfriends or wives. None of these assumptions are positive for you or the long-term survival of your relationship, or at the very least maintaining the facade that you have been entirely faithful. Keep this stuff in the other relationship, which, really, is the reason you went to the other girl in the first place, right?

The best way to cover up your affair

Just don’t do it! I mean, life is stressful and hard enough as it is without bringing this storm down upon yourself. Right? You are in that relationship for some reason. So, I suggest sitting down and thinking about exactly what that reason is, and why, despite that reason, you feel the need to cheat on her, lie to her, and cover up your affair. Maybe your reason just isn’t good enough and you just need to end things and move on. Or, just as likely, you’ve gotten lazy, bored, and gone astray. Figure out what it is and make a decision one way or the other so that all the former “advice” will not be necessary now, or at least in the future.