How To Keep A Date To A One Night Stand

You’re probably in the same boat as me: a young guy, maybe mid-30s, not looking for anything serious, not wanting to come across as a selfish guy for just wanting casual sex. It’s hard sometimes to come across in this laid back way in the online dating world, especially if you want no strings attached kind of fling. It’s also hard to know how to say the kinds of things that keep your date to a one night stand. This is a great site because it attracts young ladies with a free spirit looking for similar things as you: some casual sex with no strings attached, one night only of a good time that leaves both parties in a better mood. Also, be aware that there are many fake hookup sites out there that make it hard to get laid. So if you are looking for a fling, take some of my tips.

We all know that trying to make every hookup into a relationship never works. It’s all about gaining new experiences and staying independent enough in your life to accomplish the goals you have set. If cougars are something at interest you, then don’t worry because there are sites specifically for young men to find attractive cougars. Check it out and enjoy the freedom! The older ladies have all the experience in the world, so they know not to get caught up in something with a young guy like you.

If, however, you are interested in meeting single ladies of your own age for a one night stand, then my how to guide should come in handy.

One night stand
How To Have One Night Stands

One Night Stand

Not only is this attractive to women, but it’s probably true! Lot’s of young go-getters like myself don’t have time to settle into a stable and functional marriage that takes up lots of our time. Being realistic with yourself means making the hard decisions and forging a path on your own. That does not mean that we can’t have fun along the way of course. It just means no commitment. So in your description make sure to keep your relationship status as “looking for fun” or “no relationship”. Then as you get chatting with ladies, make it clear that you have no interest in dating anyone. You have a lot on your plate, and are just looking to have some excitement with someone who wants the same things.

Example: Don’t Give Out Your Cell Phone Number

If you do, then she will probably start texting you. That’s not good, because in the event that she wants more than one night only of fun, you have a lot heartache to deal with. My friend last week went on a date with a girl from an online site, and he made just that mistake of giving out his cell number. He tried to make it clear that their casual sex was all he wanted – but she is persistent, and has not stopped texting him. Lesson learned. Keep your online communications separate from your cell phone communications. As you get chatting with her online, If it seems like she wants something serious, then just say sorry but too busy right now. That’s way easier than playing along with her and building up expectations in her mind.

Looking For Casual Sex

This is the key question. Is casual sex all you want? Then you want no strings attached, no questions asked. If you pick a date spot downtown, and you both live in opposite directions of downtown, then you’ve made a mistake. Pick a bar or restaurant in your neighbourhood. It’s that simple. You know why? That way, when it comes to the end of the night, and both of you are tired but interested in getting sexy, it just so happens that you live around the corner. Unless she has some objection – like she wants to start getting seriously involved with you and does not want to rush it – then you are golden.

Looking For A Fling

Unless you totally think she’s the one it’s best to stay silent after a successful one night stand. If you really want to you can say thanks for a great night, but even that implies that you want to see her again. Which you don’t, you are looking for a fling. Keep it simple, and move on to another lady that seems like she wants the same kind of fun you do. If she does get back in touch with you and desires another date, it might be possible to do it, but it’s up to you. I recommend saying sorry I’m too busy, or making up some excuse for being unable to see her again. It’s just easier that way.

So, if you follow these tips it will be much easier to stay a single man through your twenties and thirties. Hooking up has become easier with the internet, but it’s always a challenge to keep ladies expectations in line with what you want. You expect them not to care too much, which is why you need to be clear about your intentions from the beginning.