Never See His Phone Lying Around Anymore? He May Have Something to Hide.

Is he cheating phone
He might be cheating

Is he having an affair?

Is he hiding his phone? He might be having an affair

Could he be cheating on his phone? Carrying on other relationships with text, pictures, and voice messages right under your nose? Maybe even while he’s sitting next to you on the couch or even worse, when you’re laying in bed together watching TV? Sound to bold, brash, over the top—even for the world’s biggest jerks and womanizers? It happens more often than you’d probably like to believe, so don’t feel like you’re immune.

I’m not telling you to go tearing his electronic, online world (which may include affair dating sites) apart, but I am saying to be wary of sudden changes in habit or the dreaded disappearance of his phone. If your man’s phone suddenly becomes scarce around the house, even to the point of it not being in its normal charging location at night, you can be sure something is up. Now, he may be hiding his phone because he is planning some elaborate trip or surprise for you that requires a lot of communication and coordination with family, friends, travel companies, certain retailers, hotels, or the like. Of course, this is the best case scenario and the one we all wish was the more common reason for such secrecy, but unfortunately it is not.

All too often this clandestine hiding of his phone is proportional to whether he is cheating on his phone. Its sad but true. Gone are the days when a man’s only options for committing infidelities or carrying on affairs were “I’m working late” or “the company has asked me to go on another business trip out of town”. Now, 80-90% of the adulterous relationship can be carried out electronically via calls, texts, pictures, videos, voice messages, and social media with brief interludes interspersed to solidify the relationship with sexual and other physical acts.

The Trail of the Hidden Phone

The downfall of this for the cheater however, is that he is creating a record, and electronic cyber trail if you will. A trail that may be too easily accessible to you if his phone is left within easy reach. So, if he’s always been pretty comfortable with telling you who he’s talking to, leaving his phone lying around, or even allowing you to use it when necessary but then suddenly changes, you can be sure there is something new going on in his life. And that is often a secret relationship with another woman. He wants to cover his tracks and the easiest way to do this is just to take away access to the trail altogether—close and lock the gate at the trailhead.

This may only be one symptom of the cheating though. You may allow your suspicion and/or worry to grow if you also begin to notice that he suddenly has no opinion on things he always had something to say about. Like what’s for dinner each night, what new furniture is going in the den, changing pool cleaning services, selling the old car and getting a new one. Anything he was concerned with and now suddenly seems like he couldn’t care less about. Odd or off the wall new requests in the bedroom are another sign that several women have told me turned out to be because he was learning them somewhere else and just couldn’t resist bringing them home. Or, probably the worst one: your once sexual tyrannosaur suddenly has no interest in you.