Spot Psychotic Women: Learn To Avoid Meeting Girls That Are Batshit Crazy!

Yeah, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? We find a gorgeous, funny, intelligent (if we’re lucky) woman who seems… well, perfect. But there is one thing we’ve not considered – her level of sanity. Which means that after a while, that perfect woman turns into a mad woman, and you’re in her firing line of craziness.

So how to avoid meeting psychotic women and find someone who isn’t totally wacko? There are a few things you can do…

Avoid meeting psychotic women
Avoid Meeting Psychotic Women

Do A Little Digging

We’re not talking going deep undercover or employing a private investigator, but a big of gentle searching around could well give you the clues you need to determine whether or not you’re about to date a crazy woman. Finding out why her previous relationships ended is a great start – were her exes cheating on her? Did she go completely batshit about it? Do they all sound like the worst men in the world (meaning she was never to blame)? These are fairly important signs when it comes to spotting crazy women. Psychotic women will never see that they are in any way to blame for a relationship break up, even when it happens over and over again…

Have We Met Before?

Chances are, if you feel that you already know the woman you’re thinking of asking out in a deep and meaningful kind of way, it’s not really love at first sight. It’s a familiarity because you’ve been out with exactly her type before – the crazy type. An overpowering attraction to someone might be exciting, but beware – it’s just chemistry, and chemistry does not take insanity into account! So take it slowly. Once you start to know her better (really know her, not just blindly find her familiar) you might find that you need to step back and re-assess. Going in with all guns blazing, so to speak, will only make her an even more crazy woman if and when you decided to break it off.

The First Argument

As relationship milestones go, the first argument isn’t one that most people want to remember particularly. However, when it comes to finding out whether the woman is crazy, it’s a good gauge. Firstly, what was the argument about? Was there a valid reason or did it come out of nowhere? Were you left reeling and confused as to what just happened? She could be insane. What about afterwards? Did she just gloss over it all and pretend that it never happened? Did she just ignore the fact that you were confused and possibly hurting? Not good. Or did she apologise but blame it on everything under the sun: a bad day at work, you didn’t call on time, she was tired… Another bad sign. She should be taking responsibility for her behaviour, and that means understanding when she’s gone too far.

Maybe she blames you outright, and doesn’t even start to think about an apology. No. Leave. Now. This is potentially the worst sign of them all – if she can’t see that what she is doing is wrong, what else will she think is the right kind of behaviour? Don’t risk it!

Too Far Too Fast

Crazy women get in too deep much too quickly in a relationship. Watch out for the constant phone calls or text messages. Look out for all that tagging in cutesey memes on Facebook. Is she visiting you at work? At the gym? When you’re out with your friends? Has she given you a pretty extravagant, expensive gift within weeks (or days!) of meeting? These are all signs that you’re dating a psychotic woman. She has no boundaries.

At the other end of the extreme, if she expects you to make all the plans, pay for everything, organise the entertainment and so on, you will want to step away. She will always expect this, and you’ll end up being more of a servant than a boyfriend. That’s not way to have a relationship which is supposed to be all about give and take.

Extreme Possessiveness

This is not (just) about belongings – it’s about you. If it seems as though the woman you’re dating is feeling resentful about how much time you’re spending with your friends, even your family, then back away now. It doesn’t matter to her what the reason is that you want to go out. She could get angry about you talking to your mother on the phone instead of paying attention to her, and this is a terribly bad sign. She might be trying to isolate you from people who care about you, and she might be trying to do this because she wants you all to herself. Not in a good way.